Ganzhou Fortune Electronic Co., Ltd. ( Stock Code: 872572) was established in 2011, as a national high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of high performance rare earth permanent magnet materials and its application products. Our company has already possessed the annual production capacity of 2000 tons of High Performance Sintered NdFeB rare earth permanent magnets now.

Fortune’s products are widely used in many fields, such as new energy vehicles, electronic information, UAV, wind generation, elevators, medical devices, energy-saving household appliances, rail transit, industrial energy-saving motor, permanent magnet relay, etc...

Fortune has advanced technology and first-class production analysis and testing equipment, which can mass produce high-performance magnetic steels such as N54, 52M, 52H, 50SH, 42UH, 38EH and 30AH. They could keep products have high performance, high consistency, high reliability and low weight loss performance.

The company cooperates closely with many domestic scientific research institutions such as Peking University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology University of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, Nanchang University, Gannan Normal University, and the National Tungsten and Rare Earth Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to jointly carry out scientific research work, focusing on high performance and high quality sintering. The development and upgrade of neodymium iron boron rare earth permanent magnets. Make the company in the technical level and the industry advanced synchronization.

Fortune now has Jiangxi Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Materials and Devices Engineering R&D Center, Jiangxi Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, Jiangxi Rare Earth Functional Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center, Ganzhou Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Materials and Device Engineering Technology R&D Center. Through close Industry-University-Research cooperation with famous colleges and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, Fortune keeps in line with the international leading level of technology and quality.